Rapala BX Minnow lure trials

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Rapala BX Minnow lure trials

(From the Rapala news page)..

Mick Brown has become a big fan of the recently introduced Rapala BX Minnow after a series of superb sport fishing sessions on gravel pits in the East of England.

“I had no pre-conceptions about the BX,” said Mick. “I just put one on the trace and started fishing with it as I knew it would run at the correct depth for the 5ft deep swim I’d chosen to start at.”

“A fish pulled back on the very first cast, and to my surprise it was a quality perch of over 2lb, and from a lake where pike predominate and perch are rare, I was very pleased. A few swims further along, I had another perch that was slightly smaller and then another followed.”

The ‘dual’ construction of the BX lures is the secret behind their success all across Europe. An inner balsa core creates a responsive action that responds to slow retrieves and delicate twitches. The outer co-polymer body shell gives great durability from the beating it takes from predator’s teeth.

Mick’s tip is to practice in the margin to see how you can make it respond to rod tip action BEFORE you cast it any distance, and in doing so you will be confident that it is working exactly as you want it to when it is out of sight.

“Small pike started to take an interest in it for the next hour or so, and I was in no hurry to change lures,” explained Mick, on his first session using the BX Minnow.

“I’d put the perch to the back of my mind until I missed a few hits that started me thinking about them again. Finally, after a little frustration, one did hook-up and I knew from the way it fought that it was a perch. And what a perch it was too!”

“Matt Rand was fishing with me. He recorded the whole capture on video. I won’t make wild guesses at the weight, and with no scales in my bag I will never know. You just don’t catch perch that big on this lake so I hadn’t even thought of packing them. It’s there on film though for you to judge for yourself.”

Watch the video of Mick Brown catching a big perch on a Rapala BX Minnow lure here.

In other sessions Mick has been bagging-up with pike into double figures with the BX Minnow. At 10cm long, it is ideal for both pike and perch and there are colours to suit all types of water clarity.

Mick favours the Blue Back Herring pattern for clear water but has found the Smelt and Silver patterns very effective in clear water too. In darker water, the Gold Shiner is the one Mick reaches for and the Perch and Firetiger patterns seem a good choice at any time.

This article was written when Mick was working with the Rapala and Storm brands. Technical details may change so check out their websites for latest information.