Lure fishing videos

Lure fishing videos

8f53295a73878494e9bc8dd6c3c7104fHere’s s few links to YouTube films I made for Shimano and Rapala when I was predator fishing consultant for those companies. Although I may not still use some of the products nowadays, the comments are honest and genuine. Be sure to return to this page after viewing by clicking the back button.

Choosing the correct lure fishing set up

Upgrading your lure set up

Fishing a gravel pit with lures

Using the Rapala Max Rap

Using the Rapala X Rap Jointed

Using the Rapala Super Shad

Using the Rapala Angry Birds lures

Soft plastic lures

A big perch takes a Rapala BX Minnow

Using a floating diver as a surface lure

Using the Storm Doombell crankbait

Big lures

Lure caught pike with massive eel in throat!

Signature lure and book set (sold out now)

Shad profile lures

Deep bodied lures

Minnow bodied lures

Using the Storm Salwater Chug Bug surface lure

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