All together girls

All together girls

Here’s a quick tip that could save you a lot of disappointment, help you catch more pike and avoid a few blanks.In a nutshell, if you can find one big female pike in the coming months, you may be onto an area that has many more. Whether fishing rivers, drains or lakes, I will always keep on the move unless I know I am onto some fish. The fact is that they will nearly always be grouped quite tightly in the winter. Sometimes it’s because they are close to prey fish, but at other times, they simply take up residence in a particular spot for reasons only known to them. Often they will take up these spots every season.

On some waters though, they locate themselves differently each winter. The more features there are on the venue, the more choices they have. And remember that there are features under the water that you can’t see. I can recall so may instances of moving several times after blanking and then dropping into a swim full of pike where lots of runs come in quick succession. If you regularly sit blanking, think about getting mobile. Cut down on the tackle so you can do this. When you do finally catch a big female pike, get another bait in the same area quickly – there will probably be more!

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