My book can save you money!

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My book can save you money!

My latest book, Professional Pike Angler, has now sold over 2500 copies. Naturally I get a lot of feedback from readers, and one thing that stands out in our discussions is that, by reading it, they are catching a lot more pike. More than that though, they are not wasting time and money like they used to, having realised mistakes that the book has highlighted to them. I emphasise the need to avoid becoming a ‘busy fool’, rushing around all over the place, spending lots of unnecessary money on fuel, tackle and bait, and simply making the wrong moves. The book is about how I made a living from pike fishing for over 20 years before I retired from the trade, and an important part of running my business was about saving money as well as earning money from the sport.chaseme

My biggest expenditure was on travel and it’s very easy to rack up huge expenses. A typical trip might need four gallons of diesel in the tank and that’s about £25 out of my account, so I need to earn at least that much to break even. I might have spent £10 on bait and as much again on a few bits and bobs of tackle. It soon mounts up without one realising it. Shorter, closer to home sessions work out cheaper but long distance sessions for several   days work out a lot more expensive.
I hope you are starting to see my point. Yes, go on your pike fishing sessions by all means, but don’t waste your hard eared cash by blanking or getting a poor result through being unprepared. Having good bait and expensive tackle and arriving at dawn on a nice looking venue is no guarantee of success. There’s a lot more to consider. My book looks at catching pike from all angles and gives an insight into the things that matter, and those that don’t! These are lessons learnt from over 40 years of pike fishing and can save you a lot of heartache, not to mention money.

It’s an expensive book at £28, I agree, but I’ve reduced my profit margin to produce it to the highest quality in
terms of presentation and content, cutting no corners on my production costs.  You can ‘waste’ at least that much on just one blank session if you are approaching your pike fishing in the wrong way. Follow the advice I offer and you will actually save money in the future. Catching more pike for less expenditure has been the essence of my fishing. It makes sense!

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