Why lure fishing is so much fun

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Why lure fishing is so much fun

I’ve been fishing with lures since I was a teenager, says Mick Brown. I caught my first pike on a spinner and my first double figure pike on a Jointed Rapala. Since then I’ve caught thousands of pike and other predators with lure fishing tactics including fish of all sizes. I like the fact that fish of all sizes attack lures because you never know what will take your lure next. I hope for a big one, but am never disappointed with a small one because you get the excitement from the ‘hit’ no matter how big or small the culprit!

And to me, that’s what lure fishing is all about – fun! It can be taken very seriously, of course, as trying to catch predators in difficult or challenging situations will always be very interesting, but when the rod responds to the fish grabbing the lure, the magic is just the same.

If you have never tried lure fishing, I suggest you start in a modest way with a 15 – 30 gram casting weight rod and a few spinners and smaller soft plastic lures which are very easy to use and very universal in their use. Such lures, which normally have just one hook, are ideal for newcomers who are not used to handling fish that have lures in their mouths. Once you feel confident, move on to smaller hard baits with multiple hooks and always ensure you have the correctunhooking tools with you.

You’ll need some long-nosed forceps to help remove the hooks, and a quality set of wire cutters will be invaluable too, should you ever need to cut the hook in order to release the predator quickly, and let it swim away to fight again another day.

But fishing with a small lure does not mean you will not catch a bigger fish as very big fish very often take them. To be ready for a bigger fish, I would always advise not to skimp on a decent reel – you’ll never go wrong with a Shimano reel – and load it with at least 20lb breaking strain braid line and use a strong wire trace. Always! In future articles I will look at this in more detail, but for now why not browse this website for useful info and links.

Lure fishing is never boring, and being so active keeps you warm and excited too, through those colder days. Whether casting or trolling the lure, you are always filled with anticipation. A word of warning though – it can become addictive. I know, I’ve been an addict for the whole of my life!

This article was written when Mick was working with the Rapala and Storm brands. Technical details may change so check out their websites for latest information.