A catfish hunt

A catfish hunt

Last year I only managed a couple of catfish sessions, but I had a right result by catching the giant Oakwood Park cat at 115lb 5 oz while making a DVD for the fishery. That fish was already big when it was stocked, but another big cat I caught a few years ago at 80 lb 8 oz from another water (picture above) was stocked as a mere twenty pound tiddler and just keeps growing and growing. Rumours are that this cat is now damaging large carp and I suspect that it too is now over 100lb! To cut the long story short, I’d like to catch it again and see!

All the gear is ready for the project to start next week and I will fish as much as I can for it until September. My bait boat has been repaired, new rods and reels have just arrived from my new sponsor Shimano, and I’ve got a new lighting system for my bivvy area to illuminate it if I get the cat on the bank! Normally I’d relish the challenge but this year the lake is plagued with heavy weed which might make presenting my livebaits impossible. I’m also concerned about hooking such a big fish in dense weed and getting it snagged.

If I don’t catch it, the fishery also has some great feeder fishing for bream and float fishing for rudd and tench to offer so I’ll enjoy the fishing whatever happens. I’ll keep you informed about my progress!

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