Eel bash updates

Eel bash updates

Ever since I was a teenager I have been fascinated by eels and fish for them every season. At one time I fished all through the summer, but as the years have gone by and work and family life has taken over, the number of nights I can devote to eeling gets less and less. I usually do three or four nights each season  nowadays, not fishing for a big eel as I used to but just to enjoy the magic of a session in the dark and to feel the unmistakable way that only an eel can pull back when it’s trying to back off into weed or a snag. This season will be no different, but due to the cold spring I will wait a bit longer before I get started.

eel2I’ve got a good supply of worms from the garden this year and a few dead roach in the freezer, and I’ve already sorted out my eel rigs for sub surface fishing which works well on my local stillwaters. I’ll give it another week and then, on a warm still evening, I’ll set up in a favourite swim, three rods out, two on worm and one on deadbait. Most of the eels in this venue are over 2 lbs, and I might even get a 5 pounder as I did 3 seasons ago. Whatever happens I’m going to enjoy every minute of it – slime and all! As usual, I’ll keep you updated with my progress.

Update 1 

My first night was quite a success. Fishing a 100 acre+ gravel pit using my off bottom rigs with worm baits, I had nine runs between midnight and 4 am. Five eels landed with 3 over 2 lb. One came off in the thick weed and missed the others. Knackering but a magic night and a great atmosphere. Back soon for another session.

Update 2 

The second night was less successful, in fact it was awful. One of those nights when you wished you’d never bothered! Windy, wet and unseasonably cold. Packed up in the early hours feeling like death warmed up and wondering why I do it.

That’s eel fishing for you. I haven’t got the sense to pack it up!