Greedy jack pike

Greedy jack pike

The weather was wild and windy and perfect for jerkbaiting on a local venue where they like to attack when there’s a big blow on the water. Six pike hit the lures during the two hour evening session and I landed five of them, all single figure fish. The other one rolled in the waves and I saw it’s fat white belly as it turned and missed the lure. I’ll be back for that one! The lure that had them coming up was a Rapala Glidin’ Rap in Banded Peacock pattern (15cm). Several anglers have commented to me that the 12 cm might be a better bet as the 15 cm is quite a big lure. Have a look at the pic of this tiny jack that thought differently! In practice you should try both sizes to see if there is a preference as when the water is colder the smaller size often works a little better. Another session soon I think! Great fun!!

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