Holiday fun in the USA

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Holiday fun in the USA

With the weather in England being been pretty poor, Jan and I decided to visit family in the USA for a few days. We left London on a miserable day and arrived at Rhode Island on an equally miserable day! The weather over there has not been a lot better than ours this spring and my plans to do a bit of fishing were thwarted with cold windy weather. When the sun did break through, I managed a few days fishing and quite a variety it was too.

A day fishing for rainbows was a little different to a day on my local water as you could use lures also and I quickly managed a limit on small spoons. The fly rod was put into use as well with some interesting bass species taking nymphs just beneath the surface.

Then I discovered that the area has plenty of carp which I hadn’t prepared for. With no tackle or rigs I must have looked pretty stupid turning up with solid sea rods and method feeders I’d made quickly from some old wire I found lying around but I managed to cast a home made method mix and maize hook bait out into a lake where carp had been caught before. Sadly the tale ends there because I didn’t get a single bite.

The best fishing was on the sea in the bay nearby and although the stripers weren’t biting well, we caught enough to make it very enjoyable. Pictured is a thirty one incher which ended up on the barbeque.

After that short break, I got back to similar miserable weather but it looks like it’s warming up. Time for tench and carp!