Pike still feeding

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Pike still feeding

I’ve normally hung up my pike rods by now as I tend to give pike a rest when the water temperature starts to rise to a level where they fight to exhaustion and often struggle to recover. This spring has been unusually cold though so I’ve been putting in a few extra short sessions with lures and picking up plenty of fish. With the weather being forecast to turn much warmer, I went out to have a final fling with my lure rod and a spectacular session it turned out to be. Anything worked high in the water was hit hard by pike of all sizes up to mid doubles, and some of the fights were spectacular as they thrashed the water to foam.

Simple Vibrax spinners were very effective but the better fish took either Storm Saltwater Rattlin’ Chug Bugs (11cm size), Rapala X-Rap Sub Walk (15 cm size) or Storm WildEye Seeker Shads (15 cm size). The takes on the Chug Bug surface lures were absolutely heart stopping affairs. I just have to get my fix of pike lure action at this time of year and I wasn’t disappointed.

If you fancy lure fishing in the summer months, just ensure that the pike in your venue can handle being caught while water temperatures are high and oxygen levels are low. If in any doubt, I leave them alone until it gets colder, but pike in deeper venues or well oxygenated rivers often offer some great lure fishing sport. Have fun!

This article was written when Mick was working with the Rapala and Storm brands. Technical details may change so check out their websites for latest information.