DVD – Mid Winter Monsters

DVD – Mid Winter Monsters

mid-winter-monsters-frontFilmed with a basic camcorder, often under very difficult circumstances, and edited on standard software, this is a practical account of a winter season when a large number of BIG pike were captured, not only on rod and line, but also on Camera!

Producing my own pike fishing films is something I have wanted to do for years as I have never felt that the commercial films I have made for TV and DVD have really captured the essence of the way I really go about fishing for big pike. Catching for the camera to a deadline is very different to a big fish campaign on a hard water. This is the first, and I hope more will follow.
mid-winter-monsters-backThis film, which runs for just over an hour, is edited in a diary type format, and follows my progress through a recent winter in which I caught a dozen pike weighing over 20 lbs on deadbaits and livebaits. It’s not about methods and tackle, but the viewer should quickly pick up on and benefit from seeing things that are not normally shown. I see this DVD as the perfect companion to my books as I feel it brings the books to life when seeing some of my big pike catches as they actually happen, and is an ideal present for anyone interested in catching big pike.

Currently not available. I am hoping to have more copies reproduced soon.

To express an interest, please add a comment below and I will notify you as soon as it becomes available again.

Comments ( 16 )

  1. ReplyWilf
    Hi Mick, Please let me know when this is available, I can be contacted at wilf.divens@gmail.com. Cheers Wilf ,
  2. ReplyNeil Cash
    Yes please Mick 😉
  3. ReplySlungan
    Yeah want a copy,live in Sweden!
  4. ReplyNickname ( required )
    Hi Mick Please let me know if you decide to go ahead Many Thanks Ray
  5. ReplyJamie holmes
    Hello mick I'd be very interested in a copy to accompany my books please let me know when in stock. Thanks
  6. ReplySteve
    Hey Mick, I'm very interested in your DVD. Please put me forward for a copy.. Cheers Matey.. Ps.. Merry Christmas.. Steve.. Esoxsteve@mail.com
  7. ReplySteve
    Hi Mick, I’d be interested
  8. ReplySteve
    My phone doesn’t like this link sorry 🤣 You can contact me about the dvd via the following email address blackcountrypiker@gmail.com
  9. ReplyPhil
    I'd like to purchase a copy please Mick. Phil Wakeford.
  10. ReplySound force
  11. ReplyShagger
    Will defintely buy this micks a legend in piking
  12. ReplyKnuddy
    Hi Mick...yes please, just reading your born to fish book, i can't put it down...great read. All the best for the New Year!!
  13. ReplyMalc
    I'll have a copy if you produce some more.Cheers,Malc.
  14. ReplyMalc
    Let me know when it's available. thanks Malc/
  15. ReplyJames
    I would like to add to the collection, cheers Mick.
  16. ReplyGill
    Hi Mick, I would like to purchase this dvd for my brother, could you please let me know when it comes available.

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