Mick Brown is one of the most well known and certainly one of the most enthusiastic anglers in Great Britain. In particular he is renowned as one of the most successful freshwater predator anglers of his generation.

Although he has been a lifelong angler, it is in the last twenty years that he has become well known for his written work and photography and his influence extends across Europe where he has also featured in the European angling press. In more recent times he has become a popular television personality where he has shown his adaptability to many other angling disciplines too. Although Mick has caught large fish of most species, he is renowned for his pike catching exploits. To date he has 332 pike over twenty pounds to his credit, including 23 over thirty pounds. His pike catches have been made in many countries including Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

In 1991 he left a career in production engineering to become a professional predator angler after setting up his business Mick Brown Angling Services. Combining his technical and writing skills with his vast angling experience, he soon became useful to the UK’s top tackle and bait manufacturers and his love of all types of fishing has led to him being involved in a wide variety of related activities.

Over many years, Mick has helped countless anglers with his advice through his writing, films, tuition days and events. Finding less time for one-to-one and group tuition, Mick is happy to pass on his wealth of knowledge through this website. The Predator Talk section will be regularly updated with current topics which will help beginners and improvers get to grips with the many challenges that predator fishing presents. His hope is that they will enjoy their sport more, and in such a way that they respect the fish they pursue and the environment in which they live. He still catches a few himself in between times, and luckily his wife Jan shares his love of the outdoors and gives him her full support!

Mick’s first ever appearance.

Mick never had any plans to go into television, but when given an opportunity to appear in one of the pioneering Angling Today programs produced by ATV back in the 1970’s, Mick seized the chance. It was presented by Terry Thomas and was about fishing for eels which was Mick’s passion at the time. This old film is believed to still exist in the company archives and Mick has his own copy on an old VHS tape.

Meeting Matt Hayes – a lucky break!

mickmattMatt Hayes was one of the new names to bring angling to our screens in the late 1990’s with his original Total Fishing series for the Discovery Channel. This magazine style program brought other new names to the angling viewer too including Gord Burton (The piking pirate) and Peter Stone, a great all-round angler who is sadly no longer with us. Amongst the merry band of guest anglers was Mick who became famous for his Pot Noodle tasting and sandwich making fiasco’s with Matt which proved that the audience wanted a little humour served up with their fishing entertainment.

It all came about after Mick and Matt met each other at a pike fishing event at Ringstead Grange Trout Fishery. They soon found that they had a lot in common, both being born and raised in Birmingham and having fished the same places. With neither of them having a boat partner for the day they decided to share, and the day led to discussions about future plans and aspirations. Matt opened the door for Mick to get a consultancy with him at Shimano and the start of a partnership was born which is still going strongly to this day.

Wet Nets

In 2000, Matt asked Mick how he would feel about joining him in a 15 part series. Feeling a little daunted by the prospect and needing a little arm twisting, Mick finally agreed and through the summer of that year, Matt and Mick toured some of the top venues of the day in search of great fishing and adventure.

The Great Rod Race

rodraceIn this highly acclaimed series, filmed in 2003, Matt and Mick take on the challenge of catching every species of UK freshwater fish in a 30 day period.

Apart from picking off the easier species, they also travel far and wide to seek out the waters where rarer species might be found. They do it – but only just!

Record Breaking Fish

record1record2Catching a record fish for television would be considered impossible so Matt and Mick take on the challenge to catch the biggest fish they can of each species.
Touring some famous and some not so well known venues, they come up with some impressive specimens including a 44 lb carp and a 3 lb rudd. Filmed in 2004.

Total Fishing

total2totl1Matt and Mick get back together in 2005 for another series in which they tackle all their favourite species ranging from tench in quiet lakes to conger eels in a large estuary.

The Greater Rod Race

Another challenge is taken on in this series in which the dynamic duo travel the breadth of Ireland, Wales and England. To make it interesting, they have to catch a pound in weight of fish for each mile they travel, and have to do so within a strict time period. In a well planned adventure, they achieve their goal in the alloted time. Filmed in 2006.

Look in on this page from time to time to read of more background information and stories behind some of the nations favourite fishing films from Matt and Mick.

a4a042cf4fd6bfb47701cbc8a1653ada Mick has been sponsored by many of the UK’s leading tackle manufacturers including Bruce and Walker, Rapala, Fox International and Shimano. He is now retired from the mainstream tackle and media sector, but still operates his own business Mick Brown Angling Services which includes sales of books, DVD’s and memorabilia, and he also takes on occasional filming projects. He still fishes for predators at every opportunity!


After being frustrated that he had limited control over content and layout of earlier books and films published through other companies, Mick decided to set up his own publishing business.

In 2011 his first two products were produced – a 260 page hardback titled ‘Professional Pike Angler’ and a limited edition leather bound version of the same.

In 2016 Mick made his first step into the DVD world by producing a one hour DVD titled ‘Mid Winter Monsters’

These titles and other memorabilia items can be found in the Shop and within related Predator Talk articles.

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