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Book – Professional Pike Angler

by Mick Brown
Book – Professional Pike Angler

This, Mick’s second book, follows on from his first book and looks in detail at his unique lifestyle in which he became not only a professional pike angler, but also a popular television personality with his fishing buddy Matt Hayes.

It is not a technical book that deals with rigs and tactics, but delves deeper into a modern day pike angler’s thoughts and approach. The book is anecdotal in its nature, and within the stories Mick relates his feelings regarding pike behaviour. The book is not related to any tackle manufacturer but, out of necessity, refers to the many companies that Mick has worked with. Signed copies can be obtained through this web site. It’s very quick and simple to order via PayPal or you can use a credit/debit card. There is no extra charge for a signed copy.

Price £28.00

The book size is 246mm x 186mm (approx A4) with 260 pages, over 200 photographs and in full colour.

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Leather Bound versions also available. Email mick37@talktalk.net for more info.

Want to browse before you buy? Then go to YouTube and see the book in detail, and a very big pike too!

Book – Pike Fishing: The Practice and the Passion

Book – Pike Fishing: The Practice and the Passion

prac3Mick’s first book, Pike Fishing: The Practice and the Passion (Crowood Press), published in 1993, has stood the test of time and is still in print today. Having sold over 16000 copies to date, it is believed to be the biggest selling pike fishing book of the modern age.

The book covers Mick’s earliest pike fishing captures and adventures from the days when he was driven by a passion to travel far and wide in search of big pike. It was written before Mick was commercially involved with major tackle manufacturers and the television shows with his buddy Matt Hayes, which all came about as a result of the effort put in during this period.

The book is written in monthly chapters which give a taste of how to approach pike fishing around the calendar. Tackle and communications today have made pike fishing a lot more instant, but the angler still needs the drive and discipline to be successful, and this book delves deep into the thoughts and ideas that brought Mick success both in this period and in theprac2 following years.

It is a book which reflects pike fishing as it was in those days. Tackle might have changed for the better, but the tactics which Mick employed then are still just as valid today.

The book is hardback, A4 size, and has 176 pages of black/white photos, diagrams and drawings along with 16 pages in full colour illustrating many of the big pike which brought Mick to the forefront of pike fishing over 20 years ago.

Sometimes found on eBay.

Planning ahead for big pike

Planning ahead for big pike

Every winter I dream of catching a monster pike. My personal best of 35 lb 2 oz will take some beating, but we all need something to dream about. When that float slides away and something unknown has grabbed your deadbait, your mind wanders to what it might be this time. Whether its a jack, a double, a twenty or bigger doesn’t matter to me, it’s the excitement of what it might be. I appreciate them all, handle them carefully, enjoy the moment, and then try to make it happen again.

Pike fishing for me is just like that, but if you want to catch a big pike, here’s a tip that many pike anglers don’t stop to realise. Big pike mostly come from special waters, and they usually come from waters that have an over abundance of prey fish. Furthermore, those waters need to be neglected by other pike anglers as big pike do not take well to being caught repeatedly.

My planning starts well ahead of the traditional October start. Through the summer I’m getting my gear ready, but above all I’m researching the venues I’m going to tackle. I never believe what I hear from others or read in the press, I go and take a look myself and ask questions. I’ll often fish for the prey fish to get a feel for the venue.By October, I’ll probably have three waters to concentrate my efforts on rather than put all my eggs into one basket. Sometimes I get it wrong and the venue does not have the potential I suspected. Sometimes the fishing may be fraught with problems like unexpected dense weed. Now and again I find that the water has been poached or maybe hammered by other pike anglers. I need a few alternatives in case things start to go wrong. By mid winter, I’ve usually settled on the water that I think will produce the goods. I don’t expect a quick result, but will work at it until it comes.

Most of the big pike you can read about in my books have come through this planning strategy, and if you take time to plan ahead, I am sure you will have a better result yourself. If it doesn’t come this season, you have something to build on for the next. I was going to wish you ‘good luck’ but, as you might now realise, luck has very little to do with success with big pike!!

Leatherbound edition of my book

by Mick Brown
Leatherbound edition of my book

I still have a few copies left.

Leather bound copies of Mick Brown: Professional Pike Angler

I have commissioned Ludlow Bookbinders, the renowned Shropshire craftsmen, to produce a Limited Edition of 50 leather bound copies of my latest book. They have been produced to the highest quality as detailed in the specification below. Please indicate your interest by email.

Specification & pricing for leather bound copies:

246mm x 186mm portrait format  –  260 pages in full colour including over 200 photographs  –  3mm case board covered in finest quality dark brown Nigerian goatskin leather  –  Spine and front face blocked in gold  –  Hand made marbled end papers from Jemma Lewis range :: – : Gilded on three edges  –  Round back with raised bands  –  Head-tail band in complimentary colour  –  Ribbon marker  –  Cloth paper lined slip case  –  Individually numbered  –  Signed by author if requested  –  Price: £150 + £9.85 post

My book can save you money!

by Mick Brown 0 Comments
My book can save you money!

My latest book, Professional Pike Angler, has now sold over 2500 copies. Naturally I get a lot of feedback from readers, and one thing that stands out in our discussions is that, by reading it, they are catching a lot more pike. More than that though, they are not wasting time and money like they used to, having realised mistakes that the book has highlighted to them. I emphasise the need to avoid becoming a ‘busy fool’, rushing around all over the place, spending lots of unnecessary money on fuel, tackle and bait, and simply making the wrong moves. The book is about how I made a living from pike fishing for over 20 years before I retired from the trade, and an important part of running my business was about saving money as well as earning money from the sport.chaseme

My biggest expenditure was on travel and it’s very easy to rack up huge expenses. A typical trip might need four gallons of diesel in the tank and that’s about £25 out of my account, so I need to earn at least that much to break even. I might have spent £10 on bait and as much again on a few bits and bobs of tackle. It soon mounts up without one realising it. Shorter, closer to home sessions work out cheaper but long distance sessions for several   days work out a lot more expensive.
I hope you are starting to see my point. Yes, go on your pike fishing sessions by all means, but don’t waste your hard eared cash by blanking or getting a poor result through being unprepared. Having good bait and expensive tackle and arriving at dawn on a nice looking venue is no guarantee of success. There’s a lot more to consider. My book looks at catching pike from all angles and gives an insight into the things that matter, and those that don’t! These are lessons learnt from over 40 years of pike fishing and can save you a lot of heartache, not to mention money.

It’s an expensive book at £28, I agree, but I’ve reduced my profit margin to produce it to the highest quality in
terms of presentation and content, cutting no corners on my production costs.  You can ‘waste’ at least that much on just one blank session if you are approaching your pike fishing in the wrong way. Follow the advice I offer and you will actually save money in the future. Catching more pike for less expenditure has been the essence of my fishing. It makes sense!

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