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DVD – Deadbait Sessions

DVD – Deadbait Sessions

Despite the upsurge in lure fishing in recent years, Mick ‘The Duke’ Brown still enjoys deadbaiting. Join him on a series of sessions where he explains how he approaches this technique and catches some very nice pike along the way. Filmed mainly on his own, and sometimes with his wife Jan, Mick sees this as the only way to bring authentic fishing to you that is not set up for the camera.

Sold out, sometimes found on eBay.

DVD – Mid Winter Monsters

DVD – Mid Winter Monsters

mid-winter-monsters-frontFilmed with a basic camcorder, often under very difficult circumstances, and edited on standard software, this is a practical account of a winter season when a large number of BIG pike were captured, not only on rod and line, but also on Camera!

Producing my own pike fishing films is something I have wanted to do for years as I have never felt that the commercial films I have made for TV and DVD have really captured the essence of the way I really go about fishing for big pike. Catching for the camera to a deadline is very different to a big fish campaign on a hard water. This is the first, and I hope more will follow.
mid-winter-monsters-backThis film, which runs for just over an hour, is edited in a diary type format, and follows my progress through a recent winter in which I caught a dozen pike weighing over 20 lbs on deadbaits and livebaits. It’s not about methods and tackle, but the viewer should quickly pick up on and benefit from seeing things that are not normally shown. I see this DVD as the perfect companion to my books as I feel it brings the books to life when seeing some of my big pike catches as they actually happen, and is an ideal present for anyone interested in catching big pike.

Sold out, but sometimes found on eBay.

Planning ahead for big pike

Planning ahead for big pike

Every winter I dream of catching a monster pike. My personal best of 35 lb 2 oz will take some beating, but we all need something to dream about. When that float slides away and something unknown has grabbed your deadbait, your mind wanders to what it might be this time. Whether its a jack, a double, a twenty or bigger doesn’t matter to me, it’s the excitement of what it might be. I appreciate them all, handle them carefully, enjoy the moment, and then try to make it happen again.

Pike fishing for me is just like that, but if you want to catch a big pike, here’s a tip that many pike anglers don’t stop to realise. Big pike mostly come from special waters, and they usually come from waters that have an over abundance of prey fish. Furthermore, those waters need to be neglected by other pike anglers as big pike do not take well to being caught repeatedly.

My planning starts well ahead of the traditional October start. Through the summer I’m getting my gear ready, but above all I’m researching the venues I’m going to tackle. I never believe what I hear from others or read in the press, I go and take a look myself and ask questions. I’ll often fish for the prey fish to get a feel for the venue.By October, I’ll probably have three waters to concentrate my efforts on rather than put all my eggs into one basket. Sometimes I get it wrong and the venue does not have the potential I suspected. Sometimes the fishing may be fraught with problems like unexpected dense weed. Now and again I find that the water has been poached or maybe hammered by other pike anglers. I need a few alternatives in case things start to go wrong. By mid winter, I’ve usually settled on the water that I think will produce the goods. I don’t expect a quick result, but will work at it until it comes.

Most of the big pike you can read about in my books have come through this planning strategy, and if you take time to plan ahead, I am sure you will have a better result yourself. If it doesn’t come this season, you have something to build on for the next. I was going to wish you ‘good luck’ but, as you might now realise, luck has very little to do with success with big pike!!

Video – catch your first catfish!

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Video – catch your first catfish!

Catfish now grow to over 100 lb in the UK. My biggest went 115 lb 5 oz! The one pictured above weighed 67 lb and was caught on a kebab rig.They are real animals that will test you and your tackle to the limit. I suggest you start with a few smaller ones! This film will give you a few tips to get started.


Lure fishing videos

Lure fishing videos

8f53295a73878494e9bc8dd6c3c7104fHere’s s few links to YouTube films I made for Shimano and Rapala when I was predator fishing consultant for those companies. Although I may not still use some of the products nowadays, the comments are honest and genuine. Be sure to return to this page after viewing by clicking the back button.

Choosing the correct lure fishing set up

Upgrading your lure set up

Fishing a gravel pit with lures

Using the Rapala Max Rap

Using the Rapala X Rap Jointed

Using the Rapala Super Shad

Using the Rapala Angry Birds lures

Soft plastic lures

A big perch takes a Rapala BX Minnow

Using a floating diver as a surface lure

Using the Storm Doombell crankbait

Big lures

Lure caught pike with massive eel in throat!

Signature lure and book set (sold out now)

Shad profile lures

Deep bodied lures

Minnow bodied lures

Using the Storm Salwater Chug Bug surface lure

Pike Deadbaiting videos

Pike Deadbaiting videos

07e1cd7dca89a1678042477183b7ac3fHere’s s few links to YouTube films I made for Shimano and Dynamite Baits and others when I was predator fishing consultant for those companies. Although I may not still use some of the products nowadays, the comments are honest and genuine. Be sure to return to this page after viewing by clicking the back button.

My predator groundbait mix

A big pike caught while testing a new reel

Predator tips and tactics

Choosing a deadbaiting rod

Underwater pike footage

Suspended deadbaits

Legered deadbaits

The Kebab deadbait rig

Tackling weedy gravel pits