Mick's Book - Professional Pike Angler

As I have received many enquiries regarding what my new book is all about, I have listed the chapter headings below.

Each title is indicative of the content of the chapter. The book is anecdotal in its nature, and within the stories I relate my feelings regarding pike behaviour and how I have managed to make a living from pike fishing for the last 20 years.

The book is not related to any tackle manufacturer, but, out of necessity, refers to companies I have worked with including my television work.

It is not a technical book that deals with rigs and tactics but delves deeper into a modern day pike anglers thoughts and approach.

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Professional Pike Angler - Content by chapter

  • Chapter 1 My career
  • Chapter 2 Cold water killers
  • Chapter 3 Dog eat dog
  • Chapter 4 No mercy
  • Chapter 5 Food glorious food
  • Chapter 6 Little and often
  • Chapter 7 I'm not eating that!
  • Chapter 8 Time for lunch
  • Chapter 9 Barries pike (In memory of a great pike angler)
  • Chapter 10 Dinner is served
  • Chapter 11 Taking the rise
  • Chapter 12 I'm your new neighbour
  • Chapter 13 What lies beneath?
  • Chapter 14 Chase me
  • Chapter 15 Getting to the bottom
  • Chapter 16 Kings of the coloured water
  • Chapter 17 Open all hours
  • Chapter 18 All at sea
  • Chapter 19 Fly in the ointment
  • Chapter 20 Close encounters
  • Chapter 21 Go for it!
  • Chapter 22 Catching the impossible
  • Chapter 23 New ideas
  • Chapter 24 Catching for the camera
  • Chapter 25 Into the future
  • Glossary