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Price: £28.00

Born to Fish *NEW*

This is Mick’s very latest book and details his life in angling, covering a wide range of species, from the early days in the Birmingham park lakes, through his travels and adventures at home and abroad, his days as a…Read more

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Price: £12.99

Deadbait Sessions

Despite the upsurge in lure fishing in recent years, Mick ‘The Duke’ Brown still enjoys deadbaiting. Join him on a series of sessions where he explains how he approaches this technique and catches…Read more

Price: £28.00

Professional Pike Angler

Mick’s latest book is now available! It is 246mm x 186mm (approx A4) with 260 pages, over 200 photo’s and full colour…Read More

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Price: £19.95

Pike Fishing: The Practice and the Passion

Mick’s first book, Pike Fishing: The Practice and the Passion (Crowood Press), published in 1993, has stood the test of time and is still in print today. Having sold over 16000 copies to date, it is believed to be the biggest selling pike fishing book of the modern age…Read more

Price: £19.99

The Pike and I

After making more than 75 television shows together, including The Great Rod Race, Wet Nets and Record Breaking Fish, no-one else could have got to know me better than my close angling buddy Matt Hayes who has filmed…Read more

Price: £12.99

DVD – Mid Winter Monsters

Filmed with a basic camcorder, often under very difficult circumstances…Read more

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