NEW Pike DVD Mick Brown Mid Winter Monsters

A short while ago, I made a DVD titled 'Mid Winter Monsters'. It was a project I carried out initially to see whether I could produce my own DVD's within the strict financial restrictions I work under. i.e. just a standard Sony camcorder (although it's HD and the quality is brilliant), and basic editing software (Power Director). I was really pleased with the result. Following on from this, I made copies for a few friends and loyal customers to assess their opinion and feedback. Having done this I had a small number professionally copied for general sale.  

The films is an hour long and is a series of diary format films, made over a 3 month period during the mid winter period of 2012/13 from December to March, which is my favourite time for pike fishing. It is not instructional but simply shows how I go about my pike fishing using deadbaits and livebaits when not having to catch for the camera or to a deadline. In essence it is REAL pike fishing, as I do it when I go out alone. Most of it is filmed alone with the camera on a tripod (bank and boat!), but some is filmed by my wife Jan. It features quite a lot of BIG pike!  If you watch closely, you will realise the things that really matter in the pursuit of big pike. If you have my book 'Professional Pike Angler' you will find this the perfect companion as it brings the catches to life.

Now the bad news. Due to unexpected demand I have sold them all. Other pressures prevent me from getting more copied just now, but I will do so if demand continues, hopefully well in time for Christmas. 

If you would like to pre order a copy, just email me at.....

.............and I will put you on my mailing list for a chance to purchase when ready. Adding your postal address would be useful too.


The price will be £12.99 with a postage cost of £0.99 in the UK and £3.79 to EU countries.