Pike Fishing:The Practice and the Passion

Posted on Jan 1st 2015


IMG_1242 Mick's first book, Pike Fishing:The Practice and the Passion (Crowood Press),published in 1993, has stood the test of time and is still in print today. Having sold over 16000 copies to date, it is believed to be the biggest selling pike fishing book of the modern age. Signed copies are now available from Mick's own website by clicking the order link below.



It is hardback A4 size and has 176 pages of black/white photos, diagrams and drawings along with 16 pages of colour plates illustrating many of the big pike which brought Mick to the forefront of pike fishing over 20 years ago.



The book covers Mick's earliest pike fishing adventures and catches when he was driven by a passion to travel far and wide in search of big pike. It was written before Mick was commercially involved with major tackle manufacturers and his television shows which all came about as a result of the effort put in during this period.


The book is written in monthly chapters which give a taste of how to approach pike fishing around the calendar. Tackle and communications today have made pike fishing a lot more instant but the angler still needs the drive and discipline to be successful and this book delves deep into the thoughts and ideas that brought Mick success both in this period and in the following years.


It is a book which reflects pike fishing as it was twenty years ago. Tackle might have changed for the better but the tactics which Mick employed then are still just as valid today.

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